Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge Single Supplements?
Single supplements are charged for those travelling alone, though we´ve minimised the amount as far as is possible.

Can we join late/leave early?
Partial bookings are not possible, due to the practicalities of peninsular travel. Bookings will only be taken for complete tours. If you arrive a day late you may still join up with the tour, but you will need to negotiate your own way to meet us.

Do we need Entry Visas?
If you´re entering Mexico by air the airline will usually collect your entry fee. If arriving on foot, you can pay the entry fee and collect your visitor´s permit when you cross the border at Tijuana. Please bear in mind that if you´re travelling via San Diego you´ll need the necessary documents to enter the USA as well.

Do we need Medical/Travel Insurance?
You will need to arrange your own travel/health insurance, and may be required to prove you´ve done this before starting a tour.

Is it safe?
The peninsula is a generally safe place to be. Crime rates are low in all of the places we visit.

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Is there a required fitness level?
You don´t need any particular level of fitness to participate in our tours. Please let us know if you have any physical condition or disability which you think you might impact on your participation on the tour.

What's included?/Are there any additional costs?
All transport, accommodation and excursions, as described in "Our Itinerary". Meals and alcoholic drinks are at your expense. Any additional activities not listed in the itinerary you wish to undertake are also at your expense. Transfers are included to and from La Paz airport or ferryport only.

Why don´t you include meals?
We looked into including meals in the package, but decided it would be much cheaper for customers to make their own decisions about what and where they want to eat. Some people want to eat in upmarket restaurants in places like Ensenada and La Paz, and some will prefer to sample seafood tacos from a stand in the street. Suffice to say, prices are very reasonable whichever option you choose, and we can advise you where the best places are throughout the peninsula.

What about flights? How do we get there?
Customers will need to negotiate their own way to meet the tour. BajaByBus is a small company, so we need to focus our efforts on our tours. Besides, we believe our customers are more than capable of negotiating their own airfares from wherever they need to travel.
If you´re coming on a "North to South" tour you need to make your way to San Diego or Tijuana. San Diego has a major international airport which receives flights from throughout North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), as well as a daily British Airways flight from London, Heathrow. San Diego International Airport is just 20 miles from the US/Mexico Border at Tijuana. A trolley service can take you from downtown San Diego to the border at San Ysidro, from where you can walk over the border. Tijuana´s airport is a hub for flights from major destinations within Mexico.
If you´re coming on a "South to North" tour you need to get to La Paz, which is served by both an airport and ferryport. Flights to La Paz airport arrive from around Mexico, as well as Los Angeles, ferries come from Los Mochis and Mazatlán on the Mexican mainland. Alternatively you could fly to Los Cabos from airports throughout Mexico, the USA and Canada, and make your way to La Paz from there (115 miles approx. public coach services are available).
If you´re travelling by air to join the tour from outside Mexico we advise you get a return flight to San Diego, and then a one way flight to or from La Paz or Los Cabos, depending on whether your tour is "North to South" or "South to North".

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